Rick Giombetti

Our fearless founder! Let’s all face it, without him we wouldn’t have this job and place to call home. Rick took a risk back in 1986, leaving his comfortable corporate America job, with 2 young kids, and jumped ship. He wanted to make a difference and do this thing called ‘leadership’….BETTER.

Leveraging his undergrad degree in Wildlife & Forestry…….wait, what? Wildlife & Forestry? But it did really help with those leaf reports for his son, Ross, and daughter, Ashley, when they were kids. Rick has a Master’s in Psychology from Westfield State College and has taught as an adjunct professor. He has worked for the State of MA in the division of employment security, helped manage and run a residency program with his wife, Andrea, when Massachusetts de-institutionalized and has been the Director of Employee Relations for a large, privately held food distribution firm in CT.

Today, when he CAN be found in the office, Rick spends most of his time developing the leadership potential in individuals and teams alike. Almost 30 years later, he remains extremely passionate about building world-class companies and making you truly great. Excuse his bluntness, as he tends to call it as he sees it….”a duck is a duck”, as Rick so aptly puts it. Chances are, if you’ve ever met him or get the chance to, you’ll hear one of his thousand clichés and mixed metaphors, anecdotal stories or Navy ‘mishaps’….yeah, Rick was an electrician in the Navy. It’s a wonder how in the heck he didn’t manage to electrocute the entire boat. Between him and Ross, they keep us laughing every single day.

Rick is enjoying over 40 years of marriage to his high school sweetheart, Andrea, still in love today.There isn’t anywhere they won’t travel to….unless the flight is over 10 hours, there’s no fishing available, no water or ocean around, or nothing to do. They thrive on spending quality time with family, including their 4 grandchildren, and literally can’t get enough of Cape Cod. Rick is an avid guitar player of 50+ years, has written many songs and is an all-around party animal.

To use one of Rick’s many clichés or coined phrases, if you want to make a difference in your life, “you gotta take the bull by the tail and shake it up.”

Ross Giombetti

Ross is no stranger to rolling up his sleeves and working hard. When he was 16 his career at Giombetti Associates started while he was cleaning the toilets, vacuuming the floors, and taking out the trash. Fast forward 20+ years and he’s worked his way up to re-painting the conference room and washing dirty coffee mugs. When he finishes all his chores, Ross spends the majority of his time leading the business by facilitating workshops and training programs, bringing new clients aboard, one-on-one coaching, and learning as much as possible about the culture, needs, and people of the businesses we support.

Ross’ value to the organization is his ability to read and understand people. One of the greatest gifts he received from his father, Rick, is the gift of intuition. Coupling that with his natural relationship building skills, Ross is excellent at building rapport with others so they feel at ease and are able to accept developmental feedback. He leverages a direct approach to feedback, providing open and honest insight. He understands that without being supportive, but tough on you, real growth is limited.

Ross graduated from the Isenberg School of Management at UMass Amherst with a Bachelor’s in business and received his MBA from American International College. During his time at AIC, he also received his Six Sigma Green Belt certification. Prior to coming to Giombetti Associates, Ross spent a few years in Human Resources for Six Flags New England and a few years helping drive the recruitment function at Mohegan Sun Casino. We’re pretty sure that riding rollercoasters and playing craps may have played a part in his early career choices.

A native of Western Mass, Ross currently lives in Wilbraham with his better half, Liz, their 2 daughters Noelle and Lainey, and their son Ryan. Let’s not forget our office mascot, their chocolate lab, Bailey. When he isn’t playing chauffeur/coach for his kids’ sports, he’s raiding Tree House Brewery and cheering on the Patriots and Red Sox. His other hobbies include un-organizing Amanda’s desk, dressing up as Cousin Eddie at Halloween parties, blowing an air horn in the office when it’s quiet, singing karaoke to Jamie Kent, and checking up on his fantasy football team. He loves to cook, is a sports enthusiast and wouldn’t trade his friends and family for anything in the world. And, oh by the way, his nickname as a kid was Screech….you know, the Saved by The Bell character. His hair says it all. We’re still not sure how he got Liz to marry him.

When asked what gets him out of bed in the morning and into the office before 7 AM each day, Ross laughed and said, “It’s so cliché and I feel so corny saying it out loud, but making a difference and inspiring people…not only helping them make changes to become more successful at work, but to also help them find happiness and fulfillment in their personal lives; it’s what I was born to do. If I won the lottery tomorrow, I would never stop trying to touch others’ souls and give them the tools they need to be the best version of themselves.”

Amanda Collins

Amanda's journey to finding the promise land (Giombetti Associates) began in the form of an internship during the summer of 2013. The team at GA reached out to a local professor at Springfield College to see if he knew anyone who might be looking. Amanda showed up on our doorstep like a lost puppy looking for a home, so we HAD to take her. Our team was in the midst of a painful transition, watching our beloved Office Manager, Sandi Leverone, retire. Amanda realized her strengths seemed to align well with what GA needed and while Ross was on vacation one week, Amanda posed the idea to Rick and Mick and it was a done deal. Fast forward to today, we're still not sure what hit us?! Amanda has now transitioned into a consulting role after spending over 4 years training under Rick and Ross and learning the business from the ground up.

As an indispensable member of our team, Amanda does an incredible job at keeping all of us organized and on task. Her customer service to our clients, and beckoning to their every call, is immeasurable. She has single handedly reinvented our internal systems, presentation materials and all things technology....got to love those millennials! She's known for presenting information to our clients in an easily understandable way that makes going through the assessment process with her efficient and helpful.

Some of her greatest gifts are her ability to anticipate every move, unflappable focus and structure and her ability to accept and apply developmental feedback. Seeing her talent, the team at GA has been very tough on her and she's taken every bit of it. It's very refreshing to have someone on your team who encourages, embraces and seeks out developmental feedback. She has come completely out of her shell, has grown a lot in confidence and is learning to love good food.

Amanda holds a degree in psychology and a Master's degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Born and raised in what she refers to as “Northern New York”, she’s basically from Canada. She hails from Potsdam....where the heck is Potsdam? Our understanding is that deer outnumber humans up there, which makes her parents very happy since venison is basically a staple. She had never seen Top Gun for crying out loud....who hasn't seen Top Gun?! When she isn't at the office she's usually found at the gym, having fun with friends and spending time with her little from Big Brothers Big Sisters.

She truly loves organizing, making things better and taking Facebook pictures.

Thom Fox

Both Thom’s personal and professional experiences instilled in him the desire to help people reach their full potential, and he’s lucky enough to pursue this passion as a public speaker and our Chief People Officer. As someone who has overcome adversity, Thom is a student of change. Much of his development was brought about by caring people in the community who helped him understand he had more to offer the world (and vice versa). Thanks to their intervention, he’s had an illuminating journey (you can learn more about that in his TEDx Talk).

Thom comes to Team Giombetti after deciding to close his consulting firm, which specialized in employing scientific processes to launch innovative revenue and profitability strategies. He’s counseled Silicon Valley-based startups, ‘Mom and Pop’ shops disrupting ‘Main Street’ foot-traffic, and established ventures desiring to take things to the next level of success. While business was great, life as a solopreneur grew isolating. Not quite ready to scale, and nowhere-near married to hustling 90-hours a week by his lonesome, Thom set out for an opportunity to use his talents inside of a world-class team – the rest is history.

Prior to founding his firm, Thom served 18-years at a Social Enterprise, working to build the entity from a startup into a multi-million-dollar organization. During his tenure, he served in a variety of roles including Education Coordinator, Marketing Director, Community Outreach Director, Spokesperson, Strategist, and all-around ‘Go-To-Guy.' He also authored several books on behalf of the organization and implemented dozens of economic empowerment programs throughout the country.

Helping to balance him through this crazy thing called ‘Life,’ Thom is an avid hiker, amateur photographer, cyclist, cartoon aficionado, and non-tree-hugging student of yoga and meditation. Thom is also passionate about giving back to the community and currently serves as a facilitator for Valley Venture Mentors, Producer and Host of The Engine on NewsRadio 560 WHYN, a member of the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission’s Plan for Progress Committee, and as a strategic advisor to Unify Against Bullying. Lastly, he is the Giombetti office spaz, and klutz, and has sound effects for just about every emotion a human being can experience.