Try before you buy! - Our no cost guarantee that you will be happy with the results

The best way to understand our Performance Dynamics personality and behavioral assessment process is to experience it first-hand for free. We offer prospective new clients a no cost, no obligation, initial Performance Dynamics assessment. Our current clients would strongly encourage you to take us up on this free assessment - you have nothing to lose!

Problems You Can Solve with a Free Assessment

Here are some real life situations that present an excellent opportunity to use the free assessment

  • To evaluate Performance Dynamics as a hiring and developmental tool by going through it yourself.
  • To assess a current employee being considered for promotion.
  • To deal with a poor performing employee- fix them versus fire them.
  • As a strong catalyst for personal and professional development of a current employee.
  • To understand whether a person is in the right role for their personality (i.e., a round peg in a square hole).
  • To understand why an employee and a reporting relationship aren't getting along.