Morning Rick & Ross, It was a pleasure meeting both of you last week and hopefully your flight home went well. I wanted to say that I’m normally not a fan of the management & team building processes or classes that I’ve taken in the past – they tend to fall on the cookie cutter side where the same one or two solutions fit everyone and generally these classes are a waste of time. I feel the approach you take is much more tailored to the individual & group and therefore much more beneficial to everyone involved. After going through the class, it will be interesting to see how the group reacts to differences in the future. Thanks again for taking the time to help us out. Paul Leanza Interstate Gas Supply, Inc

Paul Leanza IGS Energy

Rick and Ross – I wanted to say thank you for the time you spent in Pittsburgh last week and your dedication to your chosen profession. We simply are not two separate people – professional Megan and personal Megan, and sometimes that can easily be overlooked. I wanted to share with you both how this class helped me realize I was (unintentionally) shutting out a very important part of myself. My own self assessment over the summer was similar to Ross’s assessment, I need to start saying no. So in an attempt to spread myself a little less thin, I dropped out of my church choir and now spend the entire Thursday evening with my family. I felt this was a good decision, even commenting how I really didn’t miss choir (the director has a low authority score, her unorganized approach to the time was driving me crazy J!!) I live about 45 minutes from the office and typically spend most of my time in the car on my cell phone or when the family is in the car, talking to my kids. The traffic was terrible last Friday night and it took me about an hour and a half to get home. I buzzed through my phone calls as I sat in traffic. At a stop light, I pulled out my feedback from you both and re-read your statements…”stop trying to be everything to everybody”. I’m done, I thought – I am going to rock out to the radio the rest of the way home. I turned up the tunes, starting singing at the top of my lungs and almost immediately burst into tears. It certainly wasn’t the song – Kelly Clarkson, “Mr. Know It All” isn’t a tear-jerker. It was the realization that I had eliminated a very important part of my personality – musical outlet. I never took the time that I needed for this creative outlet that I desperately craved – and didn’t realize how much I missed it. I am now working on some rocking playlists for my car and am listening to the radio in my office as I type this. I can always hit mute if the phone rings or someone walks into my office. I am bouncing in my chair to some silly song – music makes me happy. I will take the time to listen and sing along in my car as I drive each day – the phone calls can wait. There is a direct correlation to happiness and productivity, I am looking forward to the results. Thank you again for your time and insight into my psyche. I carry the card in my wallet, try to reference it in every situation (my lack of a brain-to-mouth filter is improving, I recognize it will be a slow process) and as my husband stated over the weekend, I “appear to be using this class for good rather than evil.” ;) Megan Metzger Major Account Specialist

Megan Metzger ComDoc

Ross, I hope you are well. I just wanted to take a minute and let you know how much I truly appreciate the opportunity you gave me. Not only were you a fantastic, energetic and knowledgible teacher but you became a person that I have much respect and admiration for. You have many things I am working towards, including what seems to be the perfect balance between career, life and fun. I won’t lie, at times hearing and then accepting some of the characteristics I possess was VERY hard, but how can I change those things without being aware of them? I can honestly say that within the last month I feel as if I am an entirely new person. I will never change the energy or good spirit I feel I have but I have taken serious notice when I begin to just give in or hold back what I REALLY want. There are days that I feel as if a gigantic weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I am much more aware of who I am as an individual now. It is beyond refreshing. I will always remember the things I learned in class as well as in the leadership program. This program has given me the chance to become a leader now. I am able to give my opinion and not worry about if everyone in the world is happy with it. It has made me aware of changes I need to make to be more successful. The lessons are unforgettable and I hope that I can pass even a small bit of what I took in on to others. So – again, thank you millions for providing me such an amazing opportunity and a chance to start living truly happy. Cheers to you and your father!

Heather Caisse

Dear Ross, I have great admiration for what you and Rick do because you DO change lives. I hope at some point I have shown the proper gratitude, but if not let me thank you for all that you have done for me in the past because you have helped me tremendously. I am thankful that Baich brought you into IGS when he did because a cloud has been lifted off me that I didn’t even know was there! Self-deception is a tricky thing in that it is easily hidden behind a high paced environment and even “success”. Although I have a long way to go, I wouldn’t have started without Giombetti, and a company that cares enough to take this path. I look forward to continuing our relationship. You need to take my wife and I to one of your Italian restaurants in Boston. Stu Arthur, Vice President of Sales for IGS Energy in Dublin, OH

Stu Arthur IGS Energy

This program would help the best become better and certainly help anyone improve on their leadership skills. It is great for individuals at all levels of management. Mike Callahan CFO RiverBend Medical Group Agawam, Massachusetts

Mike Callahan RiverBend Medical Group

Great experience! Gives you tools to improve your effectiveness. Provided the opportunity to role play and interact with peers who are faced with similar challenges to be effective with our personnel. I learned that collaboration and communication are important skills to use to solve any problem. Rick Giombetti and his staff created a challenging and fun packed seminar. David Cistoldi President FLN-MAR Rubber & Plastics, Inc. Holyoke, Massachusetts

David Cistoldi Fln - Mar

Hi Ross, Rick, I wanted to check in and say thanks for a truly life changing class, and to share a couple of examples/events in the last month. I went to my wife’s company’s picnic last week, she was absolutely amazed, couldn’t believe it, I was talking to people she has never spoken to, I was inserting myself into conversations she never would have expected (her words, her description of the picnic) I’m starting conversations just for the sake of seeing if I can, I sit with people I have rarely talked to at lunch, I look for opportunities to start conversations with strangers, and opportunities to extend (not painfully) conversations I otherwise would have killed in the past. How people react to me the next time I see them blows me away. I went to a college orientation session for my daughter a couple weeks ago and made substantial conversations with 3 strangers, asked several questions in the presentations, and pulled a dean aside for some one on one conversation (so 4 strangers then). No way that would have happened in April. Someone yesterday told me, “there’s no way you’re an introvert! I see you constantly bouncing around the office talking to everyone!” I had an LDP class in Enfield (Farm Credit’s Leadship Development Program) and I was fully engaged and asking questions throughout, to the point that one presenter thanked a few folks for their participation at the end of the day and I was one of them. I’ve tracked 5 items daily since our one on one Prioritization and tracking – doing fair, this hasn’t been my strongest focus of the 5, some weeks are good, some weeks seem to get derailed (“too busy to prioritize” – silly right?) Delegate – looking for opportunities daily and making considerable progress Listening – again making considerable progress, constantly, deliberately refocusing and using rephrasing consistently. Still a struggle but with refocus I lose a few minutes and not 30-40 minutes of a meeting. Socializing – see above Speak-up – here to I’m making considerable progress. I used to voice perhaps, um, 15% of my thoughts. Now I’d say it’s more like 70-80. There are still times I hesitate, typically depending on people’s status in the company. A meeting with Tom, Dan, Scott, Claude, and that level I’ll still be pretty hesitant. But even this morning I (lightly) challenged Dan in a mtg with 12 people. The exercise where I explained the picture… I realized that I wanted people to ask me questions, I had no idea if they were “getting it” or not without feedback, and it was frustrating without the feedback. And then BAM! I realized that most of the time that’s exactly how I was responded when someone was telling me something. See below for some additional comments from way back in May (was it really only 5 weeks ago?) Cary Cyr FPI

Cary Cyr FPI

Thank you. I truly believe I am leaving here better prepared and much more aware of what a true leader is and the traits I need to get there. Justin Scheithauer Plant Manager Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. N. Salt Lake, Utah

Justin Scheithauer Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.

Excellent course. Covered many or all aspects of leadership utilizing personality trait identification. I'd recommend this course for anyone in management or preparing for management or working on teams. Jack Kennedy Senior Director Biosurgery R&D U.S. Surgical North Haven, Connecticut

Jack Kennedy U.S. Surgical

This course directed me in subject matter that was foreign in some aspects. I continue to reference the training book for guidance. Ken Stacey Sales Engineer Belt Technologies Springfield, Massachusetts

Ken Stacey Belt Technologies

Being asked to attend this training is viewed as recognition of real potential growth within our company. Steve Mitus Executive V.P. and CFO Balise Motor Sales Company West Springfield, Massachusetts

Steve Mitus Balise

Very helpful and pushes you to go to a different level. Gets you out of your comfort zone and enables you to practice the tools that Giombetti Associates gives you to be a better leader. Michelle Fontaine Prepress Manager Amgraph Packaging, Inc. Versailles, Connecticut

Michelle Fontaine-Calkins Amgraph Packaging Inc.

Excellent Training. In order to effectively lead personnel, one must understand him or herself first. To me, this was the best training I've ever had to help one look inward, and discover one's own management style. Rick Lamb Plant Manager Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. Owosso, Michigan

Rick Lamb Advanced Drainage Systems

Honest and put together by people that have been in the real world. Thank you so much for opening my eyes on ways to manage my leadership skills. Joe Klundt Internet Sales Manager Balise Motor Sales - Toyota West Springfield, Massachusetts

Joe Klundt Balise - Toyota

The 2 1/2 day leadership seminar was direct, intense, extremely educational, yet fun all at the same time. I met some very talented individuals who taught me about communication, teamwork, and self-awareness. I would like to repeat this process every few years, just to stay on track and keep current on the latest findings and techniques. Maybe the next one could be held in Hawaii! Darleen Ringenbach Customer Service Manager City Stamp Works, Inc. Ludlow, Massachusetts

Darleen Ringenbach City Stamp Works, Inc.

It was a privilege to be chosen by Atlas Copco Compressors Inc. as a participant in Giombetti's assessment testing and subsequent leadership training program. Although I could write an in-depth report on the benefits of both, I'll say only this: The programs offered by Giombetti Associates were beneficial in both my personal life and my career in Human Resources. If I could have changed only one thing, it would be to have participated in this program much earlier in my life. My thanks are extended to Rick Giombetti and his staff. Deborah Beauchemin Human Resources Supervisor Atlas Copco Compressors, Inc. Holyoke, Massachusetts

Deborah Beauchemin Atlas Copco Compressors, Inc.

Program content is outstanding. There was a solid connection made between the traits and how they all inter-mingle and affect your ability to effectively lead. Real life examples were provided which tied ideas and concepts together. Doug Crossley Logistics Manager U.S. Surgical North Haven, Connecticut

Doug Crossley U. S. Surgical

Tremendous content, real life examples. Hit home on many levels. It has knocked home the traits that I need to improve, as well as the traits I need to manage. With this knowledge I should excel. Kenneth Smith Plant Manager Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. Winter Garden, Florida

Kenneth Smith Advanced Drainage Systems - Hancor

Very good. 1 to 10, I give it a 10! Kenneth Trubee Supervisor Amgraph Packaging, Inc. Versailles, Connecticut

Kenneth Trubee Amgraph Packaging, Inc.

Paul and Rick are excellent instructors. They make you want to interact with the group. James Fernandes Account Executive Millbrook Distribution Leicester, Massachusetts

James Fernandes Millbrook Distribution

Giombettis' facilitation techniques really allows a management group to speak openly about areas of personal growth opportunities to help each other in a team environment. Michelle Fontaine Prepress Manager Amgraph Packaging, Inc. Versailles, Connecticut

Michelle Fontaine-Calkins Amgraph Packaging Inc.

Having participated in a number of team building sessions, I can say first hand thatGiombetti Associates is an expert in this area. Leadership is important, but in most companies, team work is the other part of the equation that allows for exceptional business results. Rob Lindner Vice President, Quality, Continuous Improvement & Consumer Service Sunbeam Products, Inc. Boca Raton, Florida

Rob Lindner Sunbeam Products, Inc.

I have Teams in personal and professional settings. I use the Giombetti techniques for empowering and consensus building. I feel better qualified to engage my team versus doing it myself. Best of all, I can let go with out stressing! Ken Stacey Sales Engineer Belt Technologies Springfield, Massachusetts

Ken Stacey Belt Technologies

Rick has a great quality about him whereby he can assess and digest complex situations and help bring about valuable resolutions. One of his key assets is his ability to link actual behaviors with personality traits and constructively convey how these behaviors are perceived by others. Our company and team has been improving significantly specifically due to Rick's aid and influence. In addition to all this, Rick makes himself readily available and concentrates fully on responding to my immediate needs. Sharon Orr Co-owner/Mgr, Admin & Finance Notch Mechanical Constructors Chicopee, Massachusetts

Sharon Orr Notch Mechanical Constructors

The personal one on one intense involvement brings quick resolution to conflicts that pop up. They arrive at the conflict with credibility gained from providing other services to our company. Steve Mitus Executive V.P. and CFO Balise Motor Sales Company West Springfield, Massachusetts

Steve Mitus Balise

The tools from Leadership Style assessment and teambuilding/facilitation are well used in the area of conflict management. I have seen the efforts and results. Very good! Rob Lindner Vice President, Quality, Continuous Improvement & Consumer Service Sunbeam Products, Inc. Boca Raton, Florida

Rob Lindner Sunbeam Products, Inc.

We have had one experience and your system helped one individual to recognize the need for change, (from a third party perspective) and allowed us to assess the situation more objectively. Lawrence Goldman V.P. and General Mgr. Tekkote Leonia, New Jersey

Larry Goldman Tekkote Corp.

Conflicts are only opportunities to develop a relationship further. You decide how to proceed. The leadership training will show you how. Ken Stacey Sales Engineer Belt Technologies Springfield, Massachusetts

Ken Stacey Belt Technologies

Gives a platform to resolve areas which may be difficult to discuss one on one. Helps mediate conflict situations. Michelle Fontaine Prepress Manager Amgraph Packaging, Inc. Versailles, Connecticut

Michelle Fontaine-Calkins Amgraph Packaging Inc.

I've always been one who's always ready to do battle with those who share a different viewpoint. The training really helped me to understand that confrontations usually do not result in any productive work being accomplished. Rick Lamb Plant Manager Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. Owosso, Michigan

Rick Lamb Advanced Drainage Systems

Exceeded my expectations. It was more than hype and psych. This program had meat to its bones. Mark Puett R & D Director Mallinckrodt St. Louis, Missouri

Mark Puett Mallinckrodt

Once all our key personnel had gone through Performance Dynamics, we used Giombetti to conduct a conflict management seminar. This really broke down the barriers to open and honest communication, using the 'language' of the 20 Performance Dynamics characteristics. It's now the 'language' we use in relating to each other. The benefit is that it takes out personality conflicts from interpersonal problems. Jeff Glaze President Decorated Products Westfield, Massachusetts

Jeff Glaze Epi-Center