Amanda Collins Giombetti Associates

Amanda Collins

Director of Client Relations

Amanda’s journey to finding the promised land (Giombetti Associates) began in the form of an internship during the summer of 2013. The team at GA reached out to a local professor at Springfield College to see if he knew anyone who might be looking. Our team was in the midst of a painful transition, watching our beloved Office Manager, Sandi, retire. Amanda realized her strengths seemed to align well with what GA needed and while Ross was on vacation one week, Amanda posed the idea to the rest of the team and it was a done deal. Fast forward to today, we’re still not sure what hit us?! Amanda has now transitioned into a Director of Client Relations role after spending over 4 years training under Rick and Ross and learning the business from the ground up.

Amanda’s customer service to our clients, and beckoning to their every call, is immeasurable. She’s known for presenting information to our clients in an easily understandable way that makes going through the assessment process with her efficient and helpful. She loves building relationships with people and doing whatever she can to accommodate the needs of others. As our in-house millennial, she’s always proving to be very resourceful and quick to find the answer.

Some of her greatest gifts are her ability to anticipate every move, unflappable focus and structure, and her ability to accept and apply developmental feedback. Seeing her talent, the team at GA has been very tough on her and she’s taken every bit of it. It’s very refreshing to have someone on your team who encourages, embraces and seeks out developmental feedback. She has come completely out of her shell, has grown a lot in confidence, and continues to seek opportunities to learn.

Amanda holds a bachelor’s in Psychology and a master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Born and raised in what she refers to as “Northern New York”, she’s basically from Canada. She hails from Potsdam…where the heck is Potsdam? Our understanding is that deer outnumber humans up there, which makes her parents very happy since venison is basically a staple. She had never seen Top Gun for crying out loud…who hasn’t seen Top Gun?! Around the office, Amanda is known for her sarcastic wit, love for Paint&Sip classes, and tendency to hog all the baked goods from everyone. When she isn’t at the office she’s usually travelling around with friends, hitting the gym, and planning out all her outfits a week ahead of time (she’s definitely our Type-A teammate).

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