Tom Moran

Senior Advisor

Tom Moran embodies the old quote: “he liked it so much he bought the company.” Well, he didn’t really buy the company, but Tom worked with Giombetti Associates as a client for almost 24 years prior to joining our team in March 2017.

His background is in leadership, banking and financial systems. Having graduated from Rutgers University with an accounting/economics degree, Tom spent 15 years in various corporate lending and credit management roles. He served the final 23 years of his pre-Giombetti Associates career as the president and CEO of Financial Partners, Inc., a nationally focused banking technology firm based in Agawam, Massachusetts.

Tom is credentialed with an MBA, and has two law degrees, so basically, he’s wicked smaht. Then why did he join Giombetti Associates, you probably ask? Did they drug him?

How do economics, accounting, law, lending, credit management and leading a banking technology firm fit together? Tom says, “Beats me; it’s all about a passion for learning and challenges, none more enjoyable than experimenting with and developing leadership teams and working with others to both bring out the best in themselves and their teams.”

Tom spends most of his time at GA working on the “meaty stuff,” developing senior leadership teams, building future leaders [link to Leadership Development page] and challenging everyone to continually improve and strive for the best.

After leaving his CEO position and moving into a senior leadership advisor role at Giombetti Associates, Tom is thrilled to have the best of both worlds: the opportunity to work with leadership teams and individuals around the country, while also spending half his time with his bride of 35 years, Maureen, their four adult children, and the next generation as their grandchildren arrive.

Maureen and Tom split their time between Wilbraham and Harwich, Massachusetts, but also spend a lot of time traveling the globe. They are focused on family, community volunteering and creating fun! If you want to trigger Tom’s interest, bring up Rutgers football, history, Cape Cod, genealogy, sports of any kind or travel. You’ll find Tom to be a great storyteller, but do NOT ask him to navigate while driving somewhere, unless you want to get LOST! Tom is very outgoing and engaging, completely authentic and very direct. Sorry guys, he’s close to Ross #2, only much smarter.

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