For me personally it was a wonderful experience. It was an eye opening, life changing, team building exercise. I could go on and on about the positive impact it has had on ME, my team and my family.

Please see below a few things from me and my team:

  • I mark the time spent with Ross and Giombetti Associates as truly life-changing. To have clarity about my core values, to understand what makes me tick, to have tools to manage work and life situations – these are gifts. I’m grateful that MORSCO invested in me, and in all of us.
  • Spending time with Ross and his team was truly a life-changing experience! Because of my time with Giombetti Associates, I have a greater self-awareness than I ever could have hoped for. This has put me is position to be a more impactful leader for my team, a stronger team member for my company, and a better leader for my family
  • Ross and the entire team at Giombetti created a very direct, and self-reflecting approach to personal improvement.  I was struck by the correlation between personal and work. There are certainly things that I continue to struggle with, but I am very aware of my impact on people today. That was not the case in the past. The personal relationship that your team develops with their customer is second to none. I would also recommend the 360 review for any manager or leader. This was incredibly impactful to me on the things that I do that are both good and bad. I learned more about myself and the perception that others have of me. I will always value this time, and hope to continue my path of learning with the Giombetti group moving forward.

Thanks to the entire group for creating a customer for life.

—Nick Colletti, Regional Vice President: MORSCO