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Do you have a high turnover rate? Your onboarding process could be a contributing factor! Does your onboarding process set people up for success or distress? Does it make people feel welcomed and inspired; going home on day-one knowing they made the right decision? Or does it make them run for the hills? First impressions are everything, especially in a talent-driven labor market. Your new hire’s experience on DAY ONE has a profound impact on their effectiveness future (and yours). We can help your team develop a unique and impactful experience that drives results, happiness and fulfillment, and increases profitability.

Improving Your Onboarding Process

Poor onboarding results in increased turnover, a slower ramp-up time for new employees, frustration and difficulty recruiting top talent. Whereas proper onboarding gets people quickly integrated into your company and culture, increases employee retention and job performance, and strengthens recruiting efforts.

Our team will collaborate with your organization to develop a unique and impactful experience that drives results and increases profitability using the following steps:

  • Conduct one-on-one employee interviews to learn what’s working and what’s not with your current process
  • Administer online surveys of recently hired employees to gauge their experience
  • Facilitate a one-day on-site workshop to identify the best practices for your company culture
  • Work with your executive team to implement changes
  • Support you as you build toward a world-class experience

Does your current onboarding process set people up for success or distress? You want your new employees to feel welcomed and inspired from day one. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

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