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Applying to college can be incredibly stressful for both students and their parents. Many high school students aren’t sure what they want to do in terms of a future career, so choosing a college and major can seem overwhelming. Through our Performance Dynamics® behavioral assessment, one-on-one, college and career coaching sessions, and small-group workshops, we help students find their “fit” in life, so that they’re happy and set up for success. We work with them every step of the way, setting goals and deadlines, starting as early as sophomore year.

Laura Lucarelle, with a background in school counseling, and leader of our Find Your Fit program, helps students by diving deep into their personality and behavior so they can understand where their strengths lie, which careers would use those strengths, and which colleges are best to pursue for those careers.

About Performance Dynamics®

Every student participating in this program will complete our trademarked Performance Dynamics® behavioral assessment for a deeper dive into their styles, preferences, strengths and areas for development. This assessment consists of three personality inventories designed to identify 17 different traits that drive a person’s personality and behavior.

The information gleaned from the Performance Dynamics® assessment is used to build a personalized plan for the student that encourages them to follow a path that fits their desires, identity, and skills. Our philosophy is that helping people understand the “why” behind their actions results in a more holistic form of self-awareness that leads to profound personal and professional development.

About the Find Your Fit Program

It’s important to know that we customize the Find Your Fit program to meet the individual needs of each student and family we work with. However, the program does follow a general framework:

  1. Introductions and exploratory conversations are held with the student to determine goals.
  2. Students take the Performance Dynamics® assessment to ensure their goals mesh with their personality.
  3. One-on-one meetings and college application workshops are held with Laura.
  4. Feedback and coaching sessions with the student and family are scheduled to develop a comprehensive action plan. Additionally, Laura provides strict deadline management throughout the entire application process.
  5. When appropriate, Laura conducts mock interviews with students and gives advice for campus visits in order to best prepare for each individual school of interest.
  6. Communication stays fluid and consistent through the student’s high school and college career, with check-ins to measure progress and growth.
  7. Students achieve the success they deserve!

Find Your Fit Coach vs. School Counselor

While most high schools have school counselors, they are simply unable to provide the type of individualized one-on-one guidance and attention that a private student career coach can offer.

School CounselorGiombetti Associates
Find Your Fit Coach
National average student to counselor ratio 464:1 (grades 9–12)National average student to counselor ratio 464:1 (grades 9–12) Small group and 1:1 work
College and career counseling is only a fraction of their responsibilities. They must also attend student/faculty/parent meetings, develop master schedules, and more. Focused solely on the college/career support and process. Individualized attention for each student’s unique needs and situation.
Available by appointment during school hours.Works with students’ schedules—if necessary, meeting after school and on evenings and weekends.
Broad assistance, if any, with the essay topic. Detailed reviews of all college materials, including essays, resume drafts and applications.
Minimal deadline management.Strict deadline management throughout the process, especially once student has finalized college list.
Reactive approach—in most cases, students initiate support.Proactive approach—goal is to keep students ahead of deadlines by completing tasks in advance.


Finding Your Path, Together

Not sure if college is the right fit for you? We are here to help you find your path, regardless of whether you’re looking to enroll in a university to earn a degree or a vocational school to learn a useful trade. No matter what you’re looking to study, we are here to support you in building the foundation of a successful and happy life.

Meet Laura Lucarelle

Laura offers more than 25 years of experience as a school counselor for a wide range of students and families. Her perspective as a former college admissions counselor and college/career coach gives her a skillset that is perfect for preparing students. Laura enjoys connecting with students in a meaningful way to help them get the most out of their college search and application process. She is most passionate about making the experience of applying to college easier and even—(gasp!)—somewhat enjoyable.

One of Laura’s (many) strengths is her ability to build relationships. She genuinely cares about each student’s happiness, mental health, success and self-confidence. This means she doesn’t only focus on grades and schools, but on the student as a whole. Laura enjoys coaching, counseling and conversations with all her clients, and appreciates hearing their perspectives as they transition to adulthood.

Laura holds a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Marist College, and a Master of Arts in school counseling from Rider University. She lives in Wilbraham with her husband Chris and their four children.

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