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The 360 Degree Review is a comprehensive development tool that will identify areas for improvement, provide a safe harbor for very open and honest feedback, and assist you in developing a plan of focused personal and professional development, with specific goals and objectives.

The process encompasses three very specific activities:

  1. Accumulation of objective, 360 Degree feedback from you, your leaders, peers, direct reports, and customers/vendors.
  2. Completing the Performance Dynamics® assessment process
  3. A powerful feedback session with the employee, immediate leader, and a Giombetti consultant, bringing the entire process full circle


Benefits of 360 Degree Review

The 360 Degree Review benefits the employee with anonymous and independent feedback from selected members of their team. It is an evaluation of the individual from many different angles and perspectives, and provides an understanding of how they are perceived by others.

The feedback increases the employee’s self-awareness and helps identify blind spots caused by selective perception. It also enhances the team climate, making people more accountable to the rest of the team.

The 360 Degree Review process is easy and fast to complete. The evaluation form asks very focused and purposeful questions relating to specific leadership and performance criteria.

The feedback session links this information with the Performance Dynamics® assessment results, providing a comprehensive appraisal of strengths and areas of development. It is a powerful learning event.

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