Mindful Moments


Welcome to Mindful Moments

Welcome to Mindful Moments, a video series in which Ross Giombetti and other members of our team share quick tips, inspirational thoughts and reflections designed to help you improve your soft skills and create a better version of yourself. Designed for all management styles, these short videos can give a quick lift to your interpersonal skills, both for professional development and personal development.

We hope you find these Mindful Moments videos useful and look forward to your feedback. Visit our Learning Lab for more resources to help you polish your leadership skills.

Mindful Moments: Carve Your Own Path, but Beware of the Cliff:

In life, it’s important to march to the beat of your own drum. But as Ross Giombetti explains, it’s also critical to listen to feedback.

Mindful Moments: Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover:

What does the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” really mean when it comes to building relationships? In this video, Ross Giombetti talks about how it’s human nature to jump to conclusions, but it’s also crucial to question your own judgment and take the time to try to understand people on a deeper level.

Mindful Moments: Everyone Takes Different Times to Process:

Some people are comfortable thinking and deciding fast on their feet, while others need more time to make decisions. Ross Giombetti explains why both styles are valid, and why it’s up to us to find the value each person brings to the table.

Mindful Moments: The Importance of Likability:

The smartest, most intuitive person in the room is probably right about most things—but if they aren’t likable, will anyone listen to them? In this video, Ross Giombetti dives deep into why it’s important for leaders to be someone others truly want to be around and listen to.

Mindful Moments: The Importance of Letting Go:

Relationships are hard to build—so they can also be extremely difficult to let go. In this video, Ross Giombetti discusses why leaders should not hold back others from blazing their own path to success.

Mindful Moments: Giving Others The Gift of Your Time:

Time is a finite resource—there are only 84,600 seconds in a day. In this video, Ross Giombetti explains why giving others the gift of your time is key to building relationships and connecting with others.

Mindful Moments: How to Work With Your Family:

If you work with family, you know that the lines between your personal and professional life can become blurred. In this video, Ross Giombetti explains why it’s important to have boundaries when your family members are also your coworkers

What do You Want Your Ripple to Be?: Whether you make a big splash or a small one, your ripple will be felt by others. Ross explains how to manage your “ripple effect” by being more mindful of the energy you give off.

Don’t Let Busy Get In The Way Of Better: Don’t let the important things in your life sit on the backburner just because you’re busy. Ross explains how you can prevent the business of everyday life from standing in the way of self-improvement.

Everyone Needs a Tribe: Many of us, especially young men and women, put tremendous pressure on ourselves to fit in. Ross explains why everyone needs a tribe and how you can help others feel more comfortable in a new environment.

Managing Your Personality: What’s more important: who you are as a person or what you do with that information? Ross explains how your personality traits are not nearly as crucial as the ways you manage your behavior and conduct yourself.

Entrepreneur: Do you know any entrepreneurs? You may have noticed they have a unique way of thinking. Ross breaks down what he believes the “entrepreneurial spirit” is really all about.

Burnout: Do you ever feel like you have too much on your plate or like you’re only half present at social events? Amanda explains how you can deal with micro-burnouts to prevent major burnouts.

Being Patient: Do you find yourself becoming impatient or frustrated with others who just can’t seem to keep up? Ross explains the importance of stepping back, taking a breath and being patient.

BLUF–Bottom Line Up Front: Do you have trouble grabbing the attention of fast paced individuals? Ross explains how you can communicate clearly and concisely with BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front).

Take Over Personalities: If you have a big personality, you may find yourself jumping into situations to course correct, robbing someone else of a learning opportunity.

People Overload: Are you an ambivert, toggling between an introvert and an extrovert? Ross explains why this can be confusing for others and what you can do to make it easier.

Do What Makes You Happy: Ross shares a personal reflection about how doing what you love and what makes you happy can lead to greater motivation, focus and fulfillment.

Importance of Doing One Thing: It’s easy to get caught up in tackling too many priorities at once, but dividing your focus can result in less than ideal results. The same is true when working on your personal or professional growth.

Pride of Authorship: Even the best ideas get shot down sometimes, which can be frustrating. But don’t let your emotional response and pride of ownership get in the way of forging ahead with new ideas.

Giving up too fast: Weaknesses are often the flip side of strengths.

Knower vs. Learner: Do you have a knower or a learner mindset?

Offering Encouragement: There’s an art to offering encouragement that’s authentic and helpful. Amanda offers tips to help.

How to Say Thank You: Saying thank you is polite, but to delivery kudos in a truly impactful way, make it personal and specific.

The Energy You Carry: The energy you carry into your day, and home at the end of the day, affects your relationships and interactions.

No Quick Answers: Interviewing for a job is not like winning a game show. Learn why it pays to pause and think about your answers.

Receiving Feedback: Even if you disagree with feedback you receive, Ross explains how it provides an opportunity for growth.

The 100 Zero Principle: Learn how putting 100% into a relationship, and expecting nothing in return, can result in a big payoff.