Giombetti YOU-niversity

Giombetti YOU-niversity (or GA-YOU for short) is a three-day immersive journey of self-discovery designed to provide our participants with the information and tools necessary to create sustainable changes in their personal and professional lives. We will challenge and encourage you to think and see things differently so you can reach your true potential and become the most powerful version of yourself.

This program, formerly called the Three-Day Leadership Training Program, is held several times a year at The Delaney House in Holyoke, Massachusetts from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day.

Even with its new Giombetti YOU-niversity name, the experience remains the same. Conceptually speaking, we believe that while people don’t always take their work home with them at night, they ALWAYS take their personal life with them to work. To that end, we focus on helping you connect with yourself, so you may grow and improve in your personal life.

Our approach results in a more satisfied, positive demeanor that will carry over into work. This is the first step on the path to becoming a more fulfilled person and a world-class leader. Whether you are currently in a leadership role or aspiring to one, you will benefit personally and professionally from attending this training and strengthening your skill sets.

Getting Started

Once you register, you will receive a registration letter and invoice via email.

The Performance Dynamics® assessment (which highlights 17 traits that shape how we interact with the world) must be completed prior to GA-YOU. This is because throughout the training, you will be encouraged to constantly refer to and link your personality traits to the leadership issue being discussed. This becomes your foundation for transitioning from manager to leader.

  • If you haven’t taken the Performance Dynamics® assessment within the 12 months prior to GA-YOU, we will schedule you for the assessment.
  • We’ll also schedule a 60-minute feedback session to review your assessment results. Your leader and/or HR partner should also participate to offer their perspective.
  • If you’re local to the Wilbraham, Massachusetts area, the feedback session will be held face-to-face; if not, we will do it via video conference (a computer with a camera and audio is needed for this meeting.)
  • We’ll provide your assessment scores, along with the Performance Dynamics® Trait Guide and overlaps of previous scores (if applicable), during the feedback meeting or email it right before.
  • During this discussion, we will give suggestions to manage areas of opportunities and insights to better leverage strengths. These discussions blossom into impactful conversations during GA-YOU as you interact with those similar and opposite to your personality style.

All the subject matter in GA-YOU is wrapped around individual personality and how it affects behavior in different situations, yielding a unique experience of self-exploration. We conduct several activities that reinforce aspects of learning and, at the end of the program, facilitate a powerful peer-to-peer feedback session.

On the first day of GA-YOU, we will have all the training materials prepared for you.

  • Please bring writing utensils and a notepad.
  • The dress code is business casual (jeans are completely acceptable.)
  • A light breakfast and sit-down lunch will be provided on all three days. You are responsible for dinner.

Cultivating World-Class Leadership

As discussed on the Leadership Training & Development page, world-class leaders are people whose personalities and behaviors have profound effects on an organization’s success. Whether a front-line manager or a CEO, they:

  • Possess well-developed emotional intelligence
  • Invest in themselves and their team
  • Move in new directions
  • Make informed and timely decisions
  • Are transparent, empathetic, and direct
  • Understand leadership is a journey, not a destination

What We Cover in
Giombetti YOU-niversity

During this intensive, three-day course, we’ll discuss:

  • Interpersonal and relationship-building skills
  • Influence and attitude
  • Effective and ineffective leadership styles
  • Vulnerability and transparency
  • Efficient communication and listening skills
  • Managing conflict
  • Delivering impactful developmental feedback
  • The ROI of effective onboarding
  • The value of teamwork and teambuilding
  • Trust, integrity and much more

Continuing the Journey

After three days of intensive learning and reflection, we continue working with you to drive sustainable improvement. Our coaches will conduct follow-up conversations to reinforce lessons learned and explore how you are applying what you have learned.

During these sessions, we’ll recap your assessment results, observations gained during our time together and collaborate on a realistic development plan. Your leader and/or HR partner is encouraged to be involved during these calls to help support change and growth.

Cancellation Policy

GA-YOU requires a tremendous amount of upfront effort and preparation to ensure that we conduct them in an efficient, professional manner. It is a lengthy process: assessments are administered and coordinated; participants engage in individual feedback sessions; attendees’ most recent and past (if applicable) scores are compiled in personalized binders; and the entire group’s information is summarized into scattergrams, which are included in the presentation and printed in training program manuals. Therefore, any changes to enrollment within 30 days of the scheduled program affect the overall administration and quality of the program.

Enrolling in GA-YOU is a commitment. To ensure the quality of our program and class size, any cancellation or change in enrollment must be made at least 30 days in advance of the scheduled program. If you withdraw from a program within 30 days, your company will be responsible for the full cost of the seat.

In addition, if you transfer your enrollment to a subsequent program, there will be a charge for that seat as well. If you must cancel or transfer within 30 days, we recommend that a substitute individual from your company who can fill that paid seat attends, so it does not go unused.

Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund Course ID #1117687

Giombetti YOU-niversity is approved through the Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund. Please reach out directly to the Express Team/Workforce Training Fund to find out if your company qualifies for a partial or a complete reimbursement through the Workforce Training Fund program:

GA-YOU Program Dates

This program has limited availability and sessions fill quickly! Please register for the program of your choice by clicking the date below.

GA-YOU, or a customized version of it, can also be brought on-site to your company with a guaranteed minimum of 10 participants.
Our program has helped to shape some amazing leaders. We continue to evolve our content to address many of the current challenges facing the workplace and our own development.

To learn more or to register for a program, please contact Kathy Vivier at (413) 566-3863,, or complete the form below:

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