Three-Day Leadership Training Program

Three-Day Leadership Training

Giombetti Associates delivers a world-class, Three-Day Leadership Training Program several times a year in Holyoke, Massachusetts. This seminar is designed to provide participants with the information and tools necessary to create sustainable change in their personal and professional lives. People don’t take their work home with them at night, but they always take their personal life with them to work. We focus on helping individuals connect with themselves, so they may grow and improve in their personal lives. Our approach results in a more satisfied, positive demeanor that will carry over into work. This is the first step on the path to becoming a world-class leader. Whether you are currently in a leadership role or not, you will benefit both personally and professionally from attending this training by strengthening your skillset.

Cultivating World-Class Leadership

As discussed in the Leadership Training & Development page, world-class leaders are people whose personality and behavior have profound effects on an organization’s success. Whether a front-line manager or a CEO, they:

  • Possess well-developed emotional intelligence
  • Invest in themselves and their team
  • Move in new directions
  • Make informed and timely decisions
  • Are transparent, empathetic and direct
  • Understand leadership is a journey, not a destination

What We Cover in Leadership Training

During this intensive, three-day course, we’ll discuss:

  • Effective and ineffective leadership styles
  • Vulnerability and transparency
  • Interpersonal and relationship building skills
  • The ROI of effective onboarding
  • Efficient communication
  • Delivering impactful developmental feedback
  • The value of teamwork and teambuilding
  • Trust, integrity and much more


What Does Leadership Training & Development Include?

  • Prior to training, the participant goes through our Performance Dynamics®
  • In an interactive, one-on-one feedback session, the participant develops a newfound self-awareness of their behavioral strengths, learns how to manage their personality more effectively, and gains an understanding of how their personality impacts others.
  • Throughout the training, the participant is encouraged to constantly refer to and link their personality to the leadership issue being discussed. This becomes their foundation for transitioning from manager to leader.


All the subject matter is wrapped around individual personality and how it affects behavior in different situations, yielding a unique experience of self-exploration. We also conduct several activities that reinforce aspects of learning and facilitate a powerful peer-to-peer feedback session at the end of the program.

To learn more or register, please contact Kathy Vivier at 413-566-3863 or, or submit the form below.

Leadership Training Program Dates

Leadership Training Program has limited availability, and sessions fill quickly.

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