Student Career Coaching

“What do you want to be?” That question can be pretty scary and overwhelming to a lot of high school and college students. As a matter of fact, there are many adults who are struggling to figure it out. We can help, with our Student Career Coaching programs.

With over 30 years’ experience helping people become the best they can be, we work with students by diving deep into their personality and behavior to help them understand where their strengths lie, which careers would use those strengths and which colleges are best to pursue for those careers.

We help them develop the skills to apply to those colleges and stand out from the crowd through our individualized coaching options:

Level One Student Career Coaching

This option is ideal for the high school junior or senior preparing for their college years. The Level One Career Coaching platform includes:

  • Exploratory conversations with the student and family to build relationships and trust
  • Performance Dynamics® behavioral assessment; determination of styles, preferences, strengths and areas for development
  • Feedback and coaching sessions with the student and family to discuss findings and develop an action plan
  • Assistance with college essay writing, review and prep, and development of a list of school/career choices that match the behavioral profile
  • College resumé differentiation, competitive advantages—how to stand out
  • Assistance with college application process; deadlines, planning and review
  • Early career choice discussion and possible majors

Level Two Student Career Coaching

This option is ideal for the high school junior or senior—and their family—who prefer a more immersive experience. We provide various workshops for both the student and the family, and start making introductions to influential individuals and organizations leading to possible internships and post-grad careers.

Our relationship remains fluid and consistent through their college career, with check-ins to measure progress and growth. Our network allows opportunities for young professionals to connect with potential job opportunities across the United States. The interactive Level Two Student Career Coaching platform includes:

  • Practiced learning to create further differentiation and competitive advantage
  • Impact of personality and behavior on decisions, interviews and career choices
  • Platform skills presentations
  • Connection with mentors, clients, etc., for internships and future careers
  • Mock interviews and advice for campus visits; workshops to strengthen interviewing skills
  • Supported college application working sessions with student and family; what to prepare and plan for, with associated timelines
  • Parent workshops, including family advice for living with a high school student

To learn more about these coaching options, please contact our office at 413-566-3863 to speak with one of our associates.

Ross Giombetti and Laura Lucarelle are the expert advisors leading our Student Career Coaching platforms.

Laura Lucarelle

Laura offers more than 25 years of experience counseling a wide range of students and families. She worked for 8 years in higher education as an admissions counselor, where her responsibilities included reviewing applications and visiting high schools to represent the college and recruit students. Her favorite part of the experience was interviewing prospective students to provide academic, career and personal counseling.

Getting to know students and what makes them unique is what drives Laura to continue to grow in this field. She also worked as a college/career coach for an independent college advising company for 11 years, where she provided academic and personal guidance to  students and their parents during the college search and application process.

With Laura’s background and experience as a school counselor, she gets to combine everything she loves about college admissions counseling—her ability to connect with students in a meaningful way, and the opportunity to help them get the most out of their college search and application process.

Because she has worked with students in both the higher education and high school setting, Laura prides herself on knowing what the college admissions process is like on both sides of the table. However, she is most passionate about creating relationships with students and families to make the experience of applying to college easier and even (gasp!) somewhat enjoyable.

Laura holds a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Marist College, and a Master of Arts in school counseling from Rider University. She lives in Wilbraham with her husband Chris and their four children. When she is not running around supporting every youth sport imaginable, she likes to squeeze in a workout, lounge around her pool and vacation with her family.

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