One of the largest expenses and time investments for any business is the hiring process. You spend countless hours reviewing resumes, interviewing and then finally bring a handful of candidates in from all over, you spend thousands just to bring in someone who may or may not be the right fit. What if Giombetti Associates had a solution to narrow down that list and make sure that if they do well in the interview process, they will definitely be a good fit. We provide an objective balance to the subjective interview process. One of Giombetti Associate’s core products is our pre-employment assessment. Our product allows you to see on paper the traits of your candidates and validate they are truly the strong ones.

When can it help?

  • Narrow your hiring decision from a pool of promising candidates to that one individual best suited for the position and your company.
  • Reduce recruitment costs by evaluating candidates effectively, without paying for travel and other costs.
  • Reduce your reliance on managers who make hiring decisions for the wrong reasons.

How will it work for you?

  • Eliminate turnover by hiring high-performance, manageable employees who fit well within the position offered, the current management, and your organizational culture.
  • Cut travel expenses and recruiting costs by pursuing only high-performance candidates, best fit for the position.
  • Be confident that you are making the correct decision before you begin to negotiate hiring.
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