Performance Dynamics® Behavioral Characteristics


Personality is like a thumbprint— it is unique to everyone. Performance Dynamics® is a personality assessment process that clearly identifies 17 personality and behavioral characteristics.

Six of these characteristics are NATURE, or biological characteristics (they tend to be part of your DNA.) The remaining 11 are NUTURE characteristics, which are influenced by the people, events and experiences that have shaped you throughout your life.

Each of these characteristics is measured through validated testing instruments. Once we obtain raw scores on each characteristic, we rank them against the general population on a percentile basis. The characteristics comprising Performance Dynamics® are listed below.


is the pace at which you move; it drives profitability and productivity.


is the psychological drive for responsibility and influence; ego need.


is the degree of one’s creativity, abstract reasoning skill, and strategic thinking ability; how analytical a person is.


involves providing clear focus, structure and direction to all team members.


is a method of influencing the performance of yourself and others.


drives one’s sense of urgency and is the internal motor that drives motivation.

These characteristics are then displayed graphically, resulting in a behavioral/managerial “profile.” This profile allows you to gain a higher degree of self-awareness and gives you an opportunity to manage some characteristics more effectively. Performance Dynamics® provides you with a concrete measure of both strengths and areas for development, linked to a plan for personal and professional growth.