As President & CEO of ESI, A Xerox Company, it is imperative to me and to the success of our company that our leadership team receive professional development that places them in the best position to steer our organization forward in a unified manner while providing an environment that inspires commitment, accountability and collaboration.

We engaged Giombetti Associates to work with us to achieve our developmental goals and received what I consider to be the best personal and customized training ever! Through their Behavior Dynamics Profile and Institute of Leadership Program, Giombetti Associates explored and addressed the behavioral profiles of my management team, then worked with them to develop the skills to solidify their leadership effectiveness.

The investment has definitively been worth it. Our leadership team has been putting the knowledge and tools to use throughout the organization and we are seeing more consistent communication, respect for all personality types and the desire to drive continuous improvement. As a result, relationships between our leaders have improved, as has the overall culture. In short, by strengthening the leadership team, we have strengthened our entire company.

We have been working with Giombetti Associates for several years now. Ross Giombetti is an expert, the training is dynamic, and the ROI continues to exceed my expectations. In addition to the ongoing training they provide to our management team, they work with new leaders within our organization as part of our onboarding, which enhances the process and holds everyone accountable right from the start. Furthermore, Ross and team are constantly following up within our organization to make sure our leaders are utilizing the tools to drive the overall success of our mission. I highly recommend Giombetti Associates to any company looking to help their leaders become the very best versions of themselves.

—Anthony Lane, President & CEO: ESI Electronic Systems, Inc.