The team at Giombetti Associates has been one of the best support firms I’ve had the pleasure in developing a strategic partnership within 30+ years of global leadership experience. The high-performance persona of Giombetti Associates is noticeably apparent at the very start with Ross’ high energy and no bull$#@% approach to providing accurate, honest, and meaningful feedback regardless of the situation; creating an authentic and trusting relationship Day 1…

Ross and the team have been instrumental in effectively assessing our personnel for continued internal development along with becoming a key aspect to our Company’s talent acquisition. Everyone at Giombetti Associates is a solid individual as well an expert in their field and very much unlike most other agencies and/or consultants; they all effortlessly become an extension to your organization from their candid style and positive attitude during every engagement.  They clearly model and instill the culture they strive for every organization who embarks upon a relationship with Giombetti Associates.

Additionally, I experienced one of the best developmental sessions when attending their Leadership Training in 2018. As with all MagSeal Management Team members who have also participated within this three day Leadership Training, upon our return to the office we strongly noted this workshop as being one of the most impactful developmental sessions and very worthy of the time spent off site/away for their own enrichment. The designed curriculum and structure alone provide insight for individual growth while the presentation of the content clearly drives home valuable substance for personal acceptance and positive change.

I always look forward to having a conversation with anyone within Giombetti Associates since it always feels like you’re talking with family. I can only hope Ross and his team will continue to expand their services for other aspects of team acquisition, personal coaching, and organizational training & development!

—Bob Garde, President: Magnetic Seal Corporation