Ross shared a story in class about a guy who was always walking ahead of his family, it was like he was describing me. My family and I went to a pumpkin patch over the weekend and I made a conscious effort to SLOW down and move at their pace. I intentionally did not mention anything about my pace and could feel a better energy from my wife and kids from not being rushed around.

 I mentioned it before but feel it warrants being brought up again. I truly felt like I had known the Giombetti staff for years. It seemed that they all were there to help me be a better person. I know that we all make money doing our jobs, but you would have thought you guys were getting paid millions of dollars for each smile you invoked from the group. To me it felt like a real connection from the beginning. THANK YOU!

—Ernie Edgell, Manager C&I Field Sales: IGS Energy