ComDoc has had the privilege of working with Giombetti Associates for over 20+ years. Initially, our intent was to incorporate their behavioral testing tools to identify talent and add an element of science to our recruiting process. Although these behavioral assessments and tools have provided a foundation for decision making on incoming personnel as well as our existing talent, the real value has gone well beyond these basic tools. As an organization, personal and professional development has become an integral strategy to the growth of our business which has allowed us to retain our leadership team, and in turn, our organization’s talent at all levels.

The impact that Ross Giombetti and his team has had relative to succession planning, leadership development, and improvements in teaching and coaching have all contributed to our exceptional growth in both revenue and profitability. Currently, our organization is undergoing a tremendous amount of change and transition. Our relationship with Giombetti Associates will help us navigate through these challenging times and provide outside perspective that reinforces how important leadership and development are to an organizations’ success.

One very specific example is a tool identified as the “User Manual” in which approximately twelve of our senior leaders have developed and refined in an effort to improve the strength of our team. This tool, developed by Giombetti, is a roadmap that our leaders can share with their teams to provide a very transparent picture of their leader’s style, strengths, vulnerabilities, and expectations. This tool has stimulated tremendous dialog with our leadership team and reinforces the value of servant leadership and provides a very clear picture of what it takes to be a successful leader at ComDoc. Having Giombetti facilitate these tools and provide face-to-face feedback to our leadership group, along with senior leadership involvement, has been instrumental.

Our partnership has strengthened over the years with Giombetti due to their ability to add tangible and measurable outcomes for our leadership team and our entire organization. I want to share my personal thanks to Ross and his entire team for adding tremendous value to the most important ingredient to our success, and that is our people!

—Stu Wise, Regional President: ComDoc, A Xerox Company