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Welcome to Mindful Moments

Welcome to Mindful Moments, a video series in which Ross Giombetti and other members of our team share quick tips, inspirational thoughts and reflections designed to help you improve your soft skills and create a better version of yourself. Designed for all management styles, these short videos can give a quick lift to your interpersonal skills, both for professional development and personal development.

We hope you find these Mindful Moments videos useful and look forward to your feedback. Visit our Learning Lab for more resources to help you polish your leadership skills.

The 100 Zero Principle: Learn how putting 100% into a relationship, and expecting nothing in return, can result in a big payoff.

Receiving Feedback: Even if you disagree with feedback you receive, Ross explains how it provides an opportunity for growth.

No Quick Answers: Interviewing for a job is not like winning a game show. Learn why it pays to pause and think about your answers.

The Energy You Carry: The energy you carry into your day, and home at the end of the day, affects your relationships and interactions.

How to Say Thank You: Saying thank you is polite, but to delivery kudos in a truly impactful way, make it personal and specific.

Offering Encouragement: There’s an art to offering encouragement that’s authentic and helpful. Amanda offers tips to help.

Giving up too fast: Weaknesses are often the flip side of strengths.

Knower vs. Learner: Do you have a knower or a learner mindset?


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