I highly recommend the services and programs of Giombetti Associates. Our experience with them has been a very successful and prosperous partnership over the last 8 years. We’ve had over 300 individuals utilize their assessment, training and development services with great results. During our engagement with them, we believe they’ve had a direct impact on our company’s bottom line. Since 2001, our revenue has grown from $350 million to over $1.1 billion this past year. They’ve helped us to understand and cultivate the best we have in our people, and it has proven to be well worth the investment.

The culture of our company, Advanced Drainage Systems (ADS), is something we take very seriously. It is critical for those partners we engage to understand and realize it’s not just what our people do that makes us successful, but that they do so by growing, developing and reaching their potential which matters most to us. Giombetti Associates has developed an innate understanding of ADS as a company. They’ve helped our people realize what they need to work on along with providing the tools and training that mesh with our company’s core values and culture, which is why it has been such a positive experience for us.

In these very challenging economic times, we can’t afford to make mistakes with our most important asset – our people. If we’re not investing in their growth and development, they’re going to go somewhere else and get it. Our employees take pride in what they learn from Giombetti, and their approach to what they do for us and how they do it has helped us to hire, retain and develop top performers.  We’ve leveraged several of Giombetti’s services including:

  • Pre – Employment Assessments

The majority of our critical new hires are assessed by Giombetti before they’re offered a position. Giombetti’s assessment feedback provides us with an objective perspective which has helped us to improve our hiring rates over the years. It also helps us to identify potential areas of improvement in those we do hire so we’re already aware of what we can help them work on.

  • Leadership Development

Every year, we have dozens of our high-potential employees participate in Giombetti’s Performance Dynamics training. This has helped them develop their leadership, management and interpersonal skills to the point where many of them have become top managers leading different organizations and initiatives within our company.

Since our initial engagement with Giombetti, they have become a true partner – one that knows what they’re talking about and is able to customize and implement truly beneficial and successful programs and training. We have employees who will tell you that it has changed their lives for the better, both personally and professionally. And, it has genuinely boosted employee morale because they see our investment in their future by providing opportunities for growth and development. We are a better company for having worked with Giombetti Associates.

—Erick Piscopo, Director: Human Resources: Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.