Ira Bryck

Ira Bryck

Senior Advisor

Ira’s earliest memories include working at his family’s retail childrenswear store on Long Island, which a peddler cousin founded in 1902. Little did he know it would lead to his becoming its 4th generation leader, while maintaining the positions of tailor, buyer, marketer, and bookkeeper. Later, while running the Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley for 25 years, Ira created three plays about family business, which have been performed internationally many times, presented as “living case studies” and “edutainment.” One of these plays was about all he shared with his father/business partner, as they became brothers.

The Family Business Center, which Ira founded and ran for a quarter century, was a trusted learning environment for family and closely held businesses and expert advisors. Through educational dinner forums, featuring world-class presentations on a wide range of important subjects, as well as workshops, roundtables, print and online newsletters, an advice column, and custom consulting, the center was a resource for hundreds of companies around western Massachusetts. Some of the presenters over the years included George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Daniel Goleman, Dan Pink, Dr. Joy Browne and a variety of wise local business owners!

Ira’s lifelong love of good questions landed him the radio host role on WHMP’s Western Mass Business Show, where he has interviewed more than 350 business owners from around the Pioneer Valley over a 7 year span. Ira recently then passed the mic to Tara Brewster, the next generation, who is already doing wonderfully.

Ira loves to innovate, and so smooshed together elements of improv, group process, and strategic questioning to build an innovative training tool that helps participants navigate alternate choices to solve their particular business tensions.

Ira loves being around and helping children—including his own two, who have now grown, as well as the many third graders from Western Mass who participate in Amherst Cinema’s “See-Hear-Feel-Film” program, which promotes film literacy and collaboration. At the end of the global pandemic, he looks forward to resuming that purposeful fun. Fun fact: before retail, Ira ran a hippy K-6 free school in Buffalo!

Ira is proud to be a meditator since his college days, and wonders if he isn’t finally starting to see some signs of inner growth!!

Now a senior advisor with Giombetti Associates, Ira is proud to be a part of what Giombetti brings to the world. Rick and Ross were involved as Strategic Partners of the Family Business Center for almost its entire existence, and Ira has done the Performance Dynamics assessment several times, as well as the 3-day workshop. He loves those tools, to help people raise their awareness and become more in charge of themselves.

Ira has been married to Lenore for umpteen years. They met while running info sessions together about meditation, which helps the marriage (as do quiet walks on the beach, or quiet walks in the woods, or noisy Zoom visits with their new granddaughter). They have also gotten quite good at the relationship between chef (Lenore) and sous chef (Ira).

Ross Giombetti was recently overheard saying: “What you’ll come to LOVE about Ira is his funny quips, quick and dry wit, and incredible persistence to never give up. Ira also has a knack for the English language and may very well know every single analogy, metaphor and euphemism known to the human population! And quite a few Yiddish punchlines and curses, for good measure.”

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