Monica Childers Giombetti Associates

Monica Childers

Executive Assistant

Monica hails from the Worcester, Massachusetts area, has brown hair and hates anything to do with orange, be it the color or the fruit—that was our best crack at the intro to Love Connection back in the Chuck Woolery days, because Monica has a huge crush on Chuck Woolery. Who doesn’t, right?

Monica’s husband, Eric, subs in for Chuck and they have two sons, Boston and Eli, who are both very athletic and balls of energy. When they aren’t running around ball fields, they’re running AFTER their Irish terrier, Ruby. Monica loves the outdoors, is a big Patriots and Red Sox fan…thank God…and is incredibly organized and dedicated to helping people.

As most of you are aware, a certain someone in our office has been known to be a little high-energy and chaotic at times. To keep the office from burning to the ground, we have stacked our team with several humans whose mission is to keep us focused and on track. Essentially, Monica runs mission control for Ross, who tends to have an ear for anyone and time for everyone. She helps make sense of everything he needs to accomplish on a day-to-day basis, which, if you know him, is a whole lot. Monica also supports our team by helping with our assessment platform, coordinating interviews and project work, and coming to the rescue whenever a member of our team yells, “Uncle!”

Her journey to GA started with a friendship. Monica and Ross had several mutual friends. One of those friends mentioned that Monica was looking to make a career change, and our original goal was to help Monica find her passion and connect her with opportunity. Of course, she had to complete our assessment; when we saw her scores for authority [65], social skills [68], and discipline [96], we knew she was what this office needed to continue our steady growth and maintain a stable roof.

We have been truly blessed to have Monica join our team. Her presence in the office every day is a breath of fresh air for all of us. Her hard work and dedication are something we admire and aspire to. She has a big heart and a sincere desire to learn everything about our clients. Be sure to chat her up when you call our office, but be prepared: if your name is Chuck, she may get a bit flustered.

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