Ross Giombetti of Giombetti Associates

Ross Giombetti


Ross is no stranger to rolling up his sleeves and working hard. When he was 16, his career at Giombetti Associates started with cleaning the toilets, vacuuming the floors, and taking out the trash. Fast forward 20+ years, and he’s worked his way up to re-painting the conference room and washing dirty coffee mugs. When he finishes all his chores, Ross spends most of his time leading the business by facilitating workshops and training programs, bringing new clients aboard, providing one-on-one coaching, and learning as much as possible about the culture, needs and people of the businesses we support.

Ross’ value to the organization is his ability to read and understand people. One of the greatest gifts he received from his father, Rick, is the gift of intuition. Coupled with his natural relationship-building skills, Ross is excellent at developing rapport with others, so they feel at ease and able to accept developmental feedback. He leverages a direct approach to feedback, providing open and honest insight. He understands that without being supportive but tough on you, real growth is limited.

Ross graduated from the Isenberg School of Management at UMass Amherst with a bachelor’s in business and received his MBA from American International College. During his time at AIC, he also received his Six Sigma Green Belt certification. Prior to coming to Giombetti Associates, Ross spent a few years in human resources for Six Flags New England, and a few years helping drive the recruitment function at Mohegan Sun Casino. We’re pretty sure that a desire to ride rollercoasters and play craps may have played a part in his early career choices.

A native of western Massachusetts, Ross currently lives in Wilbraham with his better half, Liz, their daughters, Noelle and Lainey, and their son Ryan. Let’s not forget our office mascot, their chocolate lab, Bailey. When he isn’t playing chauffeur/coach for his kids’ sports, he’s raiding Tree House Brewery and cheering on the Patriots and Red Sox. His other hobbies include un-organizing Amanda’s desk, dressing up as Cousin Eddie at Halloween parties, blowing an air horn in the office when it’s quiet, singing karaoke to Jamie Kent, and checking up on his fantasy football team. He loves to cook, is a sports enthusiast and wouldn’t trade his friends and family for anything in the world. And, oh by the way, his nickname as a kid was Screech…the Saved by The Bell character. His hair says it all. We’re still not sure how he got Liz to marry him.

When asked what gets him out of bed in the morning and into the office before 7 a.m. each day, Ross laughed and said, “It’s so cliché and I feel so corny saying it out loud, but making a difference and inspiring people…not only helping them make changes to become more successful at work, but to also help them find happiness and fulfillment in their personal lives; it’s what I was born to do. If I won the lottery tomorrow, I would never stop trying to touch others’ souls and give them the tools they need to be the best version of themselves.”

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