Kathy Vivier of Giombetti Associates

Kathy Vivier

Office Manager

Kathy was an executive administrative assistant for a LONG time! Like way back in the dark ages before FaceTime, Netflix and Instagram! She spent most of her career at two local companies that used Giombetti Associates, so she worked closely with Ross for many years and was crazy enough to beg him for a job. Honestly, it’s more like the reverse of that. We wanted to hire Kathy for many years, but the timing wasn’t right until 2017. She supported an executive team and a CEO who were very type-A and high-performance for more than 20 years. She’s ready for anything, so bring it!

Stepping into the Office Manager job, she had very big shoes to fill, replacing Amanda and keeping up with Monica’s endless energy. Kathy is our office air traffic controller, coordinating anything and everything. Her personality is incredibly infectious: a combination of compassion, affection and patience. She is passionate about helping people, cares deeply about her coworkers and clients, and has been referred to as “Mama Bear” on many occasions.

Likes: Chocolate, gardening and running marathons (well, basically only in the shopping malls!)

Dislikes: Mean people and running out of chocolate.

She is grateful for her amazing family and friends, especially her childhood sweetheart, best friend, and husband, Ed; her daughter, Jackie, who is a super hard-working, compassionate nurse; and her daughter, Breana, who is an incredibly big-hearted, sweet kindergarten teacher. When she is not at work, she is either in the pool or spending quality time with Ed watching old Columbo movies! She also has a cat named Wally and a very spoiled bichon frise named Marco.

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